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Little Rabbit and the Grumpy Poos

Every morning Little Rabbit wakes up happy and is excited to face her day. But throughout the day her friends end up bringing her down leaving her
feeling sad and upset. Will she be able to deal with the situation and finally stand up to her friends?
This heartwarming and empowering story comes to life with beautiful and unique illustrations by Ricardo Nunez Suarez. The book will teach children
to believe in themselves and to stand up to negative people.
It can also be used to introduce concepts like empathy, boundaries, and emotions to young children.

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“There are no prerequisites for worthiness”
– Brene Brown

About Me

Marita Nizam grew up in a small town in Germany and came to Canada in 1989. As an ECE she has always liked being around and working with children.

She now lives in Thornhill with her children and pets

100% White cotton,

14″ x 14″


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"Children are taught to tie their shoes and how to do arithmetic, but they are rarely taught how to develop a healthy sense of self, especially when faced with some sort of external criticism. "Little Rabbit and the Grumpy-Poos" helps children understand that not all characters in their life will validate them, and that is okay because within them is the power to validate themselves, once they know how."

Lisa A. Romano
Life Coach and Bestselling Author

"The fear of not being enough or of competition and superiority being the "stuff" of relationships are not good for children and can be a set up for self-invalidation and problematic relationship choices in adulthood. "Little Rabbit and the Grumpy-Poos" is a reminder to foster the exuberance and natural curiosity in children as a way to keep all of our "grumpy-poos" at bay and cultivate the authenticity and mental health of children."

Dr. Ramani Durvasula
psychologist, professor, and author
“Don’t You Know Who I Am? How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility”

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